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Jan Diblík

How did I become a technology lawyer? My grandfather František hated lawyers. He was a mechanical engineer, he designed aircraft, and like my other grandfather and dad, he liked to invent. By way of explanation, my grandfather studied engineering in the 1950s, and law school students at that time were not usually among the nation's ethical leaders, and my grandfather often had clashing opinions with them in the dorm. After the revolution, however, the family needed lawyers because of the restitutions, so after some difficult experiences with lawyers as grandchildren, he called us in. He said: "I hate lawyers, as you know, but some of you should learn the trade. We need a good lawyer in the family." So I hit the road. Even in grammar school I was attracted to intellectual property law; I remember a lengthy paper on franchising and how I, who was not familiar with law at the time, was completely fascinated by it. At the law faculty, I naturally started working as a research assistant at the Institute of Copyright, Industrial Property and Competition Law. My passion for a field that naturally combines law (as a rather human science), business and technology never left me. That's why I'm where I am, doing what I'm doing. And I love this job.
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