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ESOP's fables #6 - ESOP in a major investment group Corporate
Ondřej Florián

ESOP's fables #6 - ESOP in a major investment group

Today I would like to share with you a very interesting story in our ESOP's Fables series. This time it is the story of a client with equity interests in a large number of companies in different countries around the world. The client came to us with clear requirements for an ESOP for a key manager,
ESOP’s leadership #4 | Never underestimate motivation #3 | How employee motivation is passed on across the companyCorporate
Ondřej Florián, Kamil Kovaříček, Barbora Břežná

ESOP’s leadership #4 | Never underestimate motivation #3 | How employee motivation is passed on across the company

In the previous episodes of ESOP’s leadership, we focused on the motivation of managers from various perspectives of the stakeholders involved – we described what should motivate the founder to implement the ESOP, and also how the ESOP can motivate the individual managers involved in it. We are goin
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Ondřej Florián

Why have I been practicing corporate law for fifteen years? The question should rather be "why on earth not?" Corporate law contains everything a lawyer can wish for. From the contractual agenda in the form of drafting shareholder agreements to the contentious agenda in litigating shareholder disputes in court or hostile shareholder meetings. From the clear-cut rules of mergers, demergers or changes of legal form (yes, I like rules) to the routine (and sometimes reassuring) small-corporate officialdom of changes of directors, headquarters or trading companies. If you add to this the largest and most importantly the best (!) corporate law team in Central Europe, you will understand why I have been with HAVEL & PARNERS since college. Oh, and I also play tennis, hockey, run, cycle and spend most of my time on the golf course looking for golf balls.

Kamil Kovaříček

I chose corporate law as my major in high school. It remained my personal favourite during both my master's studies at the law school and during my postgraduate studies and rigorosis proceedings. I focus specifically on the area of corporate equity, which is very little covered in the Czech environment compared to the abroad, also due to the break of rational rules of commercial law in our country for almost forty years. Thus, to some extent, I find the re-discovery of the foundations and principles of capital companies for the Czech context very interesting even in this otherwise relatively conservative area.

Barbora Břežná

My path to law was not at all straightforward. My mother suggested studying it in my fourth year at grammar school without much success - I told her then that she must be crazy and I went to study psychology. But a year and a half later I was already sitting in seminars at the Brno Law School. Without being quite aware of how I got there in the first place, I found a liking for paragraphs. Among all the legal disciplines, I was most passionate about business and especially corporate law, which is what I am currently focusing on. My enthusiasm in this area has not left me to this day.

David Neveselý

Modesty, honesty, punctuality and perseverance are the qualities I try to improve the most as a cyclist. As an attorney, I know quite well that these are the qualities my clients require of me. So whether I am in a cycling jersey on a mountain ridge or in a suit in a conference room, I always try to build on that. As an athlete, I know that it's not the race that has a finish line – the goal is the race itself. Oh, and by the way, I'm quite involved in corporate and tax law, trust and foundation law, family law and inheritance law, which I even write or say something about from time to time.

Jaroslav Havel

I am the co-founder and managing partner of HAVEL & PARTNERS, which provides the most comprehensive legal and tax services on the market to more than 3,000 clients. With over 320 lawyers and tax advisors, and offices in Prague, Brno, Bratislava, Plzeň, Olomouc and Ostrava, the firm is the largest independent law firm in Central Europe and the most successful Czech-Slovak law firm. I focus on developing relationships with the firm's most important clients, strategic business partners and leading international law firms. I provide strategic legal advice and lead the firm's team in the most important, complex or sensitive client matters, from transactions to major litigation, in administrative proceedings and criminal matters. My services are sought by top Czech and Slovak entrepreneurs, investors and managers thanks to my extensive experience, reputation and exceptional work commitment, including unique contacts in the legal and business circles in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. I provide comprehensive advice to owners and members of top management of the most important Czech and Slovak private companies. In more than 20 years of legal practice, I have gained extensive experience through a number of high-profile Czech and Slovak legal cases, particularly in the areas of banking, finance and capital markets, M&A and joint ventures, private equity and venture capital; this experience also includes engineering, energy, transport, media and healthcare.

Jiří Pokorný

I'm absolutely delighted to learn new skills! And do you know how? From all the people around me! Whether it's friends, co-workers, colleagues or opposing counsels. Whether it's in the office, in the conference room or in the court room. Anytime, anywhere, with anyone. And that's how I actually found my specialty - foundation and trust law! But because I want to be an all-around lawyer/attorney, I also practice corporate, family and inheritance law. And occasionally I write something about it here. Do you like to learn new skills too?

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