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Ban on labelling plant-based foods as alternatives to animal-based foods: who are the Czech and Slovak authorities actually protecting?Life Sciences
Kateřina Slavíková, Martina Rievajová, Sabina Skoumalová

Ban on labelling plant-based foods as alternatives to animal-based foods: who are the Czech and Slovak authorities actually protecting?

According to information available, the new (revised) interpretation of EU legislation on the labelling of plant-based foods with the names of animal-based products is much stricter in the Czech Republic and Slovakia than in other EU Member States. The alleged purpose – consumer protection – is ques

Kateřina Slavíková

Law can be a good servant, but in its ignorance, it can also be a bad master. What pleases me most about it is when I can conjure up from a jumble of paragraphs a seemingly simple piece of advice that will be a good and sensible servant. I mostly specialise in health and pharmaceutical law in conjunction with personal data protection. I also like media and advertising regulation, and everything related to food (from paragraphs to culinary travel experiences).

Alžběta Pospíšilová

I knew that law would become my passion on my first day at law school. I was sold especially with the medical law classes and pharmaceutical law in practice. What I enjoy most about these two fields is their connection to the protection of human health, the inevitable clash of patients' and doctors' rights with the progress of the pharmaceutical industry, and the wide range of legal areas I encounter. My other lifelong passion is sport - I like to recharge my batteries on the bike path, on the snowy slopes and in the gym.

František Neuwirth

Law is my biggest hobby and I can't imagine doing anything else. What I enjoy most about it is that every day is different and brings new challenges. I specialise mainly in pharmaceutical and health law, which I interweave with the agenda of contract law, intellectual property law, unfair competition, advertising, and public regulation. In my free time I like to get to know other cultures through the study of foreign languages. I always learn at least the basic phrases before I go abroad on my vacation. If I had to move somewhere, it would be Switzerland.

Anna Sergejko

In my work and personal life, I like to choose a path that is a little more difficult but more fun. In the office, I am most passionate about pharmaceutical and health law, on which I focus along with the commercial agenda, including food regulation, advertising, and digital technology. I spent part of my studies at the University of Antwerp, where I focused on European law. I was excited by my experience abroad, and so I went again, northbound – to study IP and life science in Copenhagen and to cycle through even more rain. I try to approach my work and what I can learn from it with the same enthusiasm. In my leisure time I like to run half marathons, bake banana bread, or travel.

Vlaďka Laštůvková

My law practice is now mostly focused on pharmaceutical and health law. I discovered my interest in these fields during my studies at university, when I first started working in the pharmaceutical industry, and it hasn't left me even today. I gained experience in these areas not only in the legal profession, where I focused on corporate law and tax, but also in the association of pharmaceutical companies and during my internship at the Council of the European Union in Brussels, where I worked for the Public Health and Foodstuffs Department.

Adéla Zajíčková

In debate competitions in high school, I found myself questioning whether objective truth exists and whether it can be twisted into almost anything by dressing it up as an argument. It wasn't until studying law that I felt confident, established boundaries, and offered proven reasoning processes to hold on to. Learning to navigate that system, which had been evolving for years, began to appeal to me, and in law school I became particularly interested in medical law. Perhaps because the field offers interesting overlap with other fields and, like medicine itself, is changing rapidly. One still has much to learn.

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