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Dalibor Kovář

I enjoy learning about the still unexplored corners of private law and the commercial aspects of our clients' practices, and I prefer to set up and negotiate any commercial agreements, especially those involving technology or intellectual property. My children still make me approach things practically enough and with an eye for detail, my penchant for playing the ukulele trains my patience and pursuit of precision, and travelling gives me the opportunity to take things easy. I try to make the most of it all when providing legal services, which I do not consider boring in the least, as some might think.

Michal Kandráč

I still remember the day when my father brought home a telephone modem and I first heard the loud tones that this fascinating device made when connecting to the Internet. At that time I didn't know yet what all was possible thanks to this playing box, but after more and more intensive research with the care of a prudent manager, I gradually got to know all those internets that Mrs Věra Pohlová wanted to ban (Metro daily, 17 September 1999). Since I never excelled in mathematics or physics due to my legal background, law was an obvious choice for me to connect these two worlds. Currently, I specialise in information technology and intellectual property law, with a focus on the legal aspects of these areas in the context of the Internet. I like to spend my free time travelling, practising martial arts and cooking, but I also enjoy a good book or film.

Nikita Fesyukov

All my life I have aspired to a career in journalism, but my father, brought up in hard-line socialist Russia, did not recognise any other profession than lawyer, doctor or engineer (ironically, he himself does not work in any of these fields). In the course of my studies, I jumped from one legal practice to another - constitutional law, international law, sports law - but nothing awakened a sense of purpose in me. But one day I thought, why not combine my natural curiosity and interest in new technologies with my future career path? And so it was that I found myself, a little bit by chance, at H&P surrounded by the best of the best. If I'm not working on comprehensive analyses for our clients, I'm probably watching AC Milan games, fighting with my cat, travelling to exotic paradises with my amazing girlfriend, or watching films or TV shows with a minimum rating of 80% on ČSFD.

Adam Kližan

My primary focus is on intellectual property law, TMT and commercial contract law. There are a number of reasons why this is the case, one of which is certainly a penchant for solving complex (not just legal) problems. In my spare time, apart from travelling, I like to work in the construction, agriculture and garden design fields, but only in my work clothes.

Jiří Nečas

My current line of work is an example of a rare positive impact of the covid pandemic. When I was bored at home in isolation with an asymptomatic coronavirus infection, it occurred to me that it might be interesting to dust off my programming skills and create a script to automatically identify the companies. Then I was intrigued by the idea of building on that to create an application to automate the preparation of legal documents. And then ChatGPT and the wave of artificial intelligence came along and I realised there was no going back. So I rebranded myself from being an attorney to being a legal technologist, and I'm happy to be moving forward.

Lukáš Jakoubek

I like to try new things, and my curiosity, which sometimes knows no limits, led me to photography. A good photograph tells a story. In the same way, people and companies write their own stories and I enjoy writing them with them. That's why I'm fascinated by the areas of advertising law and personal data protection, which bring stories to life. In addition, I specialise in contractual obligations and consumer law (including e-commerce projects and administrative proceedings) with a focus on the automotive and cosmetics industries. When I'm not travelling (or at least pointing my finger on the map), you'll find me in the water, on my bike or running, i.e. at a triathlon.

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