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Lukáš Jakoubek

I like to try new things, and my curiosity, which sometimes knows no limits, led me to photography. A good photograph tells a story. In the same way, people and companies write their own stories and I enjoy writing them with them. That's why I'm fascinated by the areas of advertising law and personal data protection, which bring stories to life. In addition, I specialise in contractual obligations and consumer law (including e-commerce projects and administrative proceedings) with a focus on the automotive and cosmetics industries. When I'm not travelling (or at least pointing my finger on the map), you'll find me in the water, on my bike or running, i.e. at a triathlon.

Diana Gregová

What attracted me to law from a young age was its elementary and necessary presence in everyday life, culminating in the idea that with its knowledge I would be able to help all people. What began in high school as a fascination with the concept of human rights, turned into an interest and fascination with intellectual property law and e-commerce during my studies, which is my primary specialisation at our law firm. Since my studies in Luxembourg, I have been a big fan of space law, which I secretly hope will soon be added to the scope of our practice areas. In my free time I like to read, run, discover new places and spend time in nature, especially when I manage to be at home in Slovakia.

Ivan Rámeš

I've always liked photography, fast cars and new technology, which naturally led me to pursue a career in law in the areas of intellectual property - with a particular fondness for anti-counterfeiting, and information technology. Slightly outside these two fields, my other specialisations are consumer law, unfair competition, and contractual law focused on customer-supplier relations. If you can't find me in the office, I'm probably travelling and taking pictures in America's national parks.

Michal Kandráč

I still remember the day when my father brought home a telephone modem and I first heard the loud tones that this fascinating device made when connecting to the Internet. At that time I didn't know yet what all was possible thanks to this playing box, but after more and more intensive research with the care of a prudent manager, I gradually got to know all those internets that Mrs Věra Pohlová wanted to ban (Metro daily, 17 September 1999). Since I never excelled in mathematics or physics due to my legal background, law was an obvious choice for me to connect these two worlds. Currently, I specialise in information technology and intellectual property law, with a focus on the legal aspects of these areas in the context of the Internet. I like to spend my free time travelling, practising martial arts and cooking, but I also enjoy a good book or film.

Ondřej Haška

I knew I wanted to go into the field of law when I was in elementary school. Of course, I had no idea what it would entail and expected the word "objection" to follow me more often than it actually did. Nevertheless, I am convinced that I made the right choice, and I continue to maintain my initial fervor. I have long focused on consumer law and legal specifics in the automotive industry.

Robert Nešpůrek

As soon as I got the opportunity to do a one-year postgraduate course in European law in the Netherlands after my studies at a law faculty in Prague, I knew immediately that I wanted to specialise in international trade law, technology law and intellectual property, as well as related aspects of competition law. I started in the Prague office of a global law firm where I was also interested in telecoms and technology transactions, as we were going through the boom, and I had the opportunity to work briefly in London. In 2001, we founded our law firm Havel & Partners and I continued in this specialisation. After 2008, I formed our dedicated Commercial IP and IT advisory group, where we are now fully engaged in all areas of intellectual property, digital economy, e-commerce, fintech, drones, autonomous cars, blockchain and technology transactions and all possible types of commercial contractual relationships, both domestic and cross-border.

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