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Hana Schubertová

I specialise in GDPR because I realise that in today's digital world, organisations and businesses need to collect, analyse and use the different types of data available online for their development. However, I also believe that every individual should be able to influence what digital alter egos are created about them from their data. It fulfils me to look after this for our clients.

Jaroslav Šuchman

I do not like information technology very much (because of the increasing dependence of everything and everyone on IT), I do not spend time playing (including gambling) games, and regulation, or its smoothest possible management (including personal data protection), interests me "only" as a legal phenomenon. However, I do believe strongly in the cultivating role of legal communities of states, like the EU, even though - or because - it is just pouring those regulation regimes out of all almost three dozen sleeves (because they are always backed by Member States and their governments).

Pavel Zahradníček

In many of the activities I come across, I like structure, logic and (almost mathematical) precision. These attributes are characteristic of engineering fields and technologies I grew up in close proximity to, and which continue to fascinate me to this day. It is not only for these reasons that I specialise in technology and data law. I particularly use this approach when drafting software and ICT-related contracts. Sometimes I am just a little envious of programmers that a contract, unlike source code, cannot be initiated through a compiler to detect error messages, but often only through litigation between the parties. I am no less interested in uncovering comprehensive data flows in the context of personal data processing, setting up business relationships in the context of developing technology solutions or structuring more complex transactions, and in the field of M&A. I then like to tailor my approach to suit global corporations as well as technology startups and venture capitalists.

Jan Steininger

From a young age, I had a natural sense for justice, which was deepened by my childhood superhero, Batman. As time went on, I realised that justice is not just about catching bad guys and criminal trials. With the development of modern technology, I have become more aware and appreciative of privacy (not just my own) and concerned about protecting and respecting it. Perhaps this is why I now enjoy providing legal services in the areas of data protection, cybersecurity and contract law, where I appreciate the variety and unique solutions for each client. When I'm not practicing law, I'm probably playing guitar or exercising.

Vladislav Bernard

While studying at law school, I gravitated, perhaps out of laziness at the time, toward public law. I believed that within its framework all the rules would be clearly described in the laws. Then I got to competition law. I found out how naive I was. There is not much to describe in two paragraphs. Perhaps that is why competition law in all its complexity "caught my eye". Over time, I have become slightly concerned about how little fundamental rights and freedoms are protected in its enforcement. So I started studying constitutional law so that I could contribute to improving the situation. I would like to enrich the competition law section of the blog with insights from it.

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