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An unwanted change to smart contracts?IP
Pavel Amler, Tomáš Lupač

An unwanted change to smart contracts?

The European Parliament has adopted a proposal for the Data Act which aims to harmonise rules on fair access to data, promote competition and stipulate conditions for the use of data, in particular with regard to data obtained by means of products connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). An overwh

Ivan Rámeš

I've always liked photography, fast cars and new technology, which naturally led me to pursue a career in law in the areas of intellectual property - with a particular fondness for anti-counterfeiting, and information technology. Slightly outside these two fields, my other specialisations are consumer law, unfair competition, and contractual law focused on customer-supplier relations. If you can't find me in the office, I'm probably travelling and taking pictures in America's national parks.

Tereza Hrabáková

Even as a little girl, I was most interested in the fashion and cosmetics industry, and I helped my grandmother sew according to Burda magazine. In the end, I became neither a fashion designer nor a fashion blogger, but at least I chose a field of law that is closely related to fashion and cosmetics - intellectual property and especially trademarks. In my free time, I practice yoga, run, learn Hebrew, or get inspiration from Instagram or ELLE and VOGUE.

Tomáš Havelka

You'll find me everywhere that smacks of the Netherlands and Belgium. And it doesn't matter whether it's culture, sport, gastronomy or law. Besides fries, herrings and cycling, it is also one of the most innovative regions in the world. I specialise in intellectual property law in modern (digital) society and I have a special interest in artificial intelligence and virtual reality. In my free time, however, I prefer activities where I don't encounter any technology (i.e. all outdoor sports in nature).

Robert Nešpůrek

As soon as I got the opportunity to do a one-year postgraduate course in European law in the Netherlands after my studies at a law faculty in Prague, I knew immediately that I wanted to specialise in international trade law, technology law and intellectual property, as well as related aspects of competition law. I started in the Prague office of a global law firm where I was also interested in telecoms and technology transactions, as we were going through the boom, and I had the opportunity to work briefly in London. In 2001, we founded our law firm Havel & Partners and I continued in this specialisation. After 2008, I formed our dedicated Commercial IP and IT advisory group, where we are now fully engaged in all areas of intellectual property, digital economy, e-commerce, fintech, drones, autonomous cars, blockchain and technology transactions and all possible types of commercial contractual relationships, both domestic and cross-border.

Karolína Steinerová

I should probably write that I’ve wanted to be Perry Mason in skirts and fight for the rights of the weak in courtrooms since I was a kid. But it wasn’t like that – I wanted to be a professional gymnast. I’m glad my dream didn’t come true and life led me to the law. Instead of the gym, I’m now competing in front of a judge, and the counterparty’s counsel is my opponent. I enjoy my work in IP litigation (i.e. litigation with an IP and unfair competition element) immensely because of its diversity and indeed because of the competition aspect. If I had become a professional gymnast, I would be long past my zenith – but I can still compete in the courtroom for a few more decades. And I’m grateful for that.

Kateřina Trzaska

For a long time, the concept of IP meant nothing to me; apart from my duties at the faculty, I had not even come across a trademark, patent, or copyright. Because of my interest in this area, I had to travel to Germany, where I spent several years absorbing knowledge about patents, trademarks and designs in the practice of an international law firm. The world of IP is a rapidly evolving area in which there is always something to look forward to and I'm glad to be a part of it.

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