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Klára Mladá

When, as a young child, almost still in diapers, you are deciding what to do with your life (which is quite typical for people you meet in the legal profession), and at the same time the profession of a princess, a dustman or a rentier is somehow losing its charm, you may think: "How about a lawyer!" And if it happens that a similar idea sticks with you longer than is healthy, you will find after x number of years that you have found yourself in a law school overwhelmed by books and papers whose text is in many cases not very clear to you at first. That is my story as a lawyer. Perhaps such a course is also to be applauded, for when one subsequently, in the course of further study and practice, begins to penetrate with difficulty the complicated structure of texts, legal jargon, and other secrets of lawyering, he is aware of the intricacies that he has been taught to spout, and is then, in the better cases, interested in replacing them with human language. It is my hope that the articles on this blog from my “pen” and pens of my colleagues will also be a source of information that is created by the people, humanly, and for the people, despite the fact that we all have on our business cards that we are united primarily by success.