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Patrícia Jamrišková

As part of my legal specialisation, I provide comprehensive advice to private clients and family businesses. These areas have a very strong human dimension, which is closely linked to the life stories and current family or other private situation of the clients. This is proof that even in a large law firm the most important thing is not lost with clients, namely their humanity, and individualised approach to clients. Coming up with sophisticated solutions for them and helping them to solve their, often at first sight unsolvable, problems in their personal and family sphere is what I enjoy and find so fulfilling about it. However, if I want to switch off a bit from this human dimension, I fill my working hours by providing services in the field of corporate and M&A law, where the human dimension is unfortunately sometimes hard to find. As I have also successfully completed my studies in hydrogeology and engineering geology and practiced it, the field of environmental and ESG law is a matter of the heart for me when providing legal services. Thanks to my studies and practical experience, I have a more technical and scientific perspective than most of my fellow lawyers.