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Richard Otevřel

I was extremely tempted to explore the world back in the days when it was only possible from the 100+1 magazine, and since I was not satisfied with one world, I became interested in all technical innovations from aviation to astronautics - technologies based on high speeds. Maybe it's a sign of maturity that one stops fooling around and tries to come back down to earth and slow down, so I noticed a law whose number was also 101: on personal data protection. Its modest mission, underscored by a fairly small volume of paragraphs, namely the protection of privacy, still keeps me awake to this day and it always amazes me how big the universe can hide in one small human privacy, which with more or less good intentions, is being invaded by technical conveniences that have long been moving at the speed of light. Humanity's journey to Mars is, in this comparison, a crawl between the natural laws of gravity, and while the 100-1 articles of the GDPR are meant to protect us from the ever-quickening effort to strip away our individuality, we must remember one thing: to remain human.