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Václav Audes

When I came to Havel Partners after graduating from university in 2005, I was asked if I wanted to deal with M&A. Four years later, Jarda Havel asked me if I would take charge of pharmaceutical and health law. In both cases, I couldn't imagine exactly what opportunities these fields would bring. At first, all I could only see in my mind were the typical clichés of the chaotic life of the New York Stock Exchange and the pulsating operating theatres of teaching hospitals. The reality was even more colourful... Today I am grateful to have taken on these challenges, because in that time we have managed to raise a new generation of top transactional and life sciences lawyers and to interconnect both these teams. Thanks to this, I can now daily experience the compelling stories of Czech and global market leaders, which often inspire or challenge us. I combine law with finance, technology and business thinking. And I find that very enjoyable and fulfilling... it's an honour and a pleasure to be a part of this story.