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Lenka Štiková Gachová

I must admit that competition law completely passed me by at university. From the beginning of my legal studies (or even before that, due to my grandfather's influence as a police investigator), my dream was to become a prosecutor. It was only by coincidence and a nudge from one of my former classmates that I applied for a job advertised by the Office for the Protection of Competition, which was looking for new staff for the competition section. When I was hired at the Office for the Protection of Competition, I considered it a transitional experience. However, I was so engrossed in competition law that I have not been able to detach myself from it to this day (i.e. since I graduated from university in 2002). And why did it happen? Probably because I have always enjoyed mathematics and technical fields alongside the humanities. Competition law ties everything together. In order to apply it correctly, it is necessary to know how the different and very diverse markets work (from food sales to electricity distribution, steel production, etc.). Therefore, advising on competition law never gets boring, you are always discovering something new and new things to learn.
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