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Lucie Šímová

When I was a little girl, I liked to write short stories and tales that are still in a drawer somewhere. Although I did not pursue the path of a sombre writer, I returned to writing thanks to law, specifically when dealing with (extra-)judicial disputes. I spent part of my studies in Munich, Germany where I mainly focused, apart from ADR, on European law, IP, and mountain hiking. I continue to pursue these interests enthusiastically at work and welcome any opportunity to learn something new. In my leisure time I like to exercise, jog, bake, and discover new views from the mountain tops.
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The Mole Cake WarCompetition
Karolína Steinerová, Lucie Šímová

The Mole Cake War

This is how one could sum up a dispute between two well-known producers of baking powder mixtures – the food industry Goliath, Dr. Oetker (as plaintiff), against the Czech David, Labeta (as defendant). And it was the depiction of the dessert in the form of a molehill on the box of Labeta’s Crumb Cak