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Karolína Steinerová

I should probably write that I’ve wanted to be Perry Mason in skirts and fight for the rights of the weak in courtrooms since I was a kid. But it wasn’t like that – I wanted to be a professional gymnast. I’m glad my dream didn’t come true and life led me to the law. Instead of the gym, I’m now competing in front of a judge, and the counterparty’s counsel is my opponent. I enjoy my work in IP litigation (i.e. litigation with an IP and unfair competition element) immensely because of its diversity and indeed because of the competition aspect. If I had become a professional gymnast, I would be long past my zenith – but I can still compete in the courtroom for a few more decades. And I’m grateful for that.
Articles by the author
The Mole Cake WarCompetition
Karolína Steinerová, Lucie Šímová

The Mole Cake War

This is how one could sum up a dispute between two well-known producers of baking powder mixtures – the food industry Goliath, Dr. Oetker (as plaintiff), against the Czech David, Labeta (as defendant). And it was the depiction of the dessert in the form of a molehill on the box of Labeta’s Crumb Cak