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Collections of corporate laws judgments of the month 2020–2023

Collections of corporate laws judgments of the month 2020–2023

Each month since May 2020 on LinkedIn, we have introduced you to a judicial decision in corporate law, carefully selected from the Supreme Court’s extensive decision-making practice. We always summarise for you those Supreme Court decisions that have a significant impact on the business life of corporations on the Czech market, so that you can keep up to date with the latest developments in judicial practice.

Given that it is good to have everything essential in one place, we present our posts in a clear and uniform format in a yearbook every year, in which you can find the most important corporate judgments for a given year. All three yearbooks can be downloaded for free from the links below:

The yearbooks contain all selected TOP corporate judgments from previous years accompanied with a short commentary and our selected and revised recitals of facts for each of the decisions.

We are delighted with the great interest from the professional public, our clients and potential partners, as well as other law firms. We are excited about every fan of corporate law as they help us cultivate and improve this interesting branch of law.

We thank all regular and irregular readers for their support and attention during the past year. Of course, our TOP corporate judgment series is not over! At least we can continue to meet regularly on social media and here on the HAVEL & PARTNERS Blog every month in 2024!

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