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Robert Nešpůrek

As soon as I got the opportunity to do a one-year postgraduate course in European law in the Netherlands after my studies at a law faculty in Prague, I knew immediately that I wanted to specialise in international trade law, technology law and intellectual property, as well as related aspects of competition law. I started in the Prague office of a global law firm where I was also interested in telecoms and technology transactions, as we were going through the boom, and I had the opportunity to work briefly in London. In 2001, we founded our law firm Havel & Partners and I continued in this specialisation. After 2008, I formed our dedicated Commercial IP and IT advisory group, where we are now fully engaged in all areas of intellectual property, digital economy, e-commerce, fintech, drones, autonomous cars, blockchain and technology transactions and all possible types of commercial contractual relationships, both domestic and cross-border.
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Computer games and consumer law – What should you be aware of as a player or developer?Consumer
Michal Kandráč, Robert Nešpůrek, Lukáš Jakoubek, Tomáš Lupač, Diana Gregová

Computer games and consumer law – What should you be aware of as a player or developer?

Only few people realise that consumer protection regulations must also be respected when developing and playing computer games. It doesn’t happen very often, but even in the Czech Republic we have encountered inspectors from the Czech Trade Inspection Authority checking whether a computer game viola