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Michal Kandráč

I still remember the day when my father brought home a telephone modem and I first heard the loud tones that this fascinating device made when connecting to the Internet. At that time I didn't know yet what all was possible thanks to this playing box, but after more and more intensive research with the care of a prudent manager, I gradually got to know all those internets that Mrs Věra Pohlová wanted to ban (Metro daily, 17 September 1999). Since I never excelled in mathematics or physics due to my legal background, law was an obvious choice for me to connect these two worlds. Currently, I specialise in information technology and intellectual property law, with a focus on the legal aspects of these areas in the context of the Internet. I like to spend my free time travelling, practising martial arts and cooking, but I also enjoy a good book or film.
Articles by the author
Computer games and consumer law – What should you be aware of as a player or developer?Consumer
Michal Kandráč, Tomáš Lupač, Lukáš Jakoubek, Diana Gregová, Robert Nešpůrek

Computer games and consumer law – What should you be aware of as a player or developer?

Only few people realise that consumer protection regulations must also be respected when developing and playing computer games. It doesn’t happen very often, but even in the Czech Republic we have encountered inspectors from the Czech Trade Inspection Authority checking whether a computer game viola