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Nikita Fesyukov

All my life I have aspired to a career in journalism, but my father, brought up in hard-line socialist Russia, did not recognise any other profession than lawyer, doctor or engineer (ironically, he himself does not work in any of these fields). In the course of my studies, I jumped from one legal practice to another - constitutional law, international law, sports law - but nothing awakened a sense of purpose in me. But one day I thought, why not combine my natural curiosity and interest in new technologies with my future career path? And so it was that I found myself, a little bit by chance, at H&P surrounded by the best of the best. If I'm not working on comprehensive analyses for our clients, I'm probably watching AC Milan games, fighting with my cat, travelling to exotic paradises with my amazing girlfriend, or watching films or TV shows with a minimum rating of 80% on ČSFD.
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