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Unique design, old problems. How to use Certoo to protect against design copying?

Unique design, old problems. How to use Certoo to protect against design copying?

Design work is unique and enticing at the same time. But can something like this be protected from the persistent fingers of plagiarists? And can it be done quickly and cheaply? In the EDIT project, to protect his designs and design elements, Petr Novague also uses the online tool Certoo.

Some things can be preserved even though they are not new. This thought led Petr Novague, reputable Czech designer, to a unique EDIT project which combines his love of cars and the idea of sustainable design. Thanks to his talent and sense of detail, Petr Novague introduced new design features to the Porsche 911, offering a unique modern view of this legendary vehicle. Not only did the interior change, but, above all, the curves of the body, which make the car a unique reference to the first editions of the iconic 911. His work deservedly earned the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2023.

Designer gets easy evidence of copyright at the start of the work. And he proceeds similarly during the creation process for the finished work. Within just a few minutes, he has proof in his hands that, at a given moment, he uploaded a file with his unique design proposal to an unbreakable blockchain. Thanks to the downloaded certificate, he can then prove ownership of the file with unique design proposals at any time. In addition, his works are permanently protected and stored there for download. Thus, in cases of plagiarism, he will always have proof that he is the author. 

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